Duffel Navy

Duffel Navy

So you're tired of working in a commercial gym, and have space in your garage or basement of his own "mini" training center hardcore and a few hundred dollars to spare in the training team. Lots of training prescribing can be done with a single piece of equipment, with the majority, if they are very cheap, if not 100% FREE! However, if you have some money to spend on equipment to build a grand final, flat iron you need very own dungeon, still can get without going completely "all out". Its just a matter of necessity not cut away, and starting with the most absolute essential. The freedom to train when you want, listen to any music you want to hear, and not have a lot of people practically breathing down the neck is priceless and worth worth everything that happened.

Here is a list of the most basic pieces of equipment, and why you need them.

1) Olympic bar with at least 300 pounds of plates
Of all the various Olympic Deadlift variations attracts the ranks to general presses various squats, lunges and goodmornings, the bar much to lose if the iron is a piece of equipment necessary for any home gym.

2) Power Rack with an attachable bar dominated and Parallel
Listen, many people trying to sell power in racks that are in a queue, but I've had my power rack for almost 10 years and gone through the increased use and abuse as something could ever possibly handle … and costs $ 250. For heavy squats, deadlifts rack, goodmorning variations, Zerche deadlifts, shrugs super strong, vertical walls, vertical walls and inclined plane, like a rack of energy is a MUST HAVE. Most power Racks come with a slash to the chin, and I attachable parallel bars were like $ 30 and are solid as hell. Dips and chins are upperbody movements and should include worldwide training program.

Adjustable Dumbbells 3)
Well, I guess depending on your space, they could go before a bar, but it really does not matter. Get a pair of solid adjustable dumbbells (you can get soldiers if necessary) that are loaded at least 100 pounds. For heavy air work, he throws a different and work with one leg, arm and two arms strong rows, shrugs, fragments and swings, a good pair of adjustable dumbbells add infinite variety to your program.

4) Tow Straps or gymnastics rings
There are several "suspension" products out there rings belts Elitefts explosion 'to the TRX to Jungle Jon Hinds' Gymnasium – all are good, but you can run $ 50-150. Personally, I just use my tow strap on my sled for dragging elitefts several rows of resting, scarecrow, facepulls, pushups, dips, flat muscle, triceps extensions and curls. Upperbody training for the ring training (we'll just generalize) is an impressive addition Will Rock You and unlike anything else. Get Em, em que, em whatever – only to use '!

Sandbags 5)
Go to your local Army Navy surplus, pick up a duffel bag, then go to Home Depot 2.3 £ 50 and buy sandbags, some pockets of the contractor, and gorilla tape. 4.6 Making sandbags contractor mini – double or triple up, and tape the hell outside. Throw the kids in the canvas bag and tape the bag closed. Bam! Sandbox're very own. Ideal for cleaning and presses, shoulder, squats, lunges, goodmornings, carries the burden of exercises and a lot of other painful changes. They are super cheap and easy to do. Get one.

6) Barrels
Acquire empty barrel. Fill with 70-150 pounds of water. A bargain or free, so why not have one? Ideal for a variety of movements, and feeling completely different from sandbags.

7) kettlebells.
As much as I love Kettlebell training, its towards the bottom of the list, since these sprouts are expensive. However, once you have one, they will have for life, and can be used for a variety of movements. I recommend most individuals obtain and use it mainly 24kg GPP as a tool, making tons of changes of high representative, fragments, clean and presses, and complexes thereof. If money is no concern, then definitely pick up a pair or get some heavier kettlebells too.

8) When dragging sledges
You can buy one, or if you want, make one using a tire large eye hooks and some tow straps. Sled dragging is a MUST HAVE for lowerbody leg strength, conditioning and mental toughness. Also great for upperbody work as rows, scarecrow, facepulls, and several presses / birds.

9) Jump Stretch Bands
Besides adding that for housing resistance to the squat, dead weight or bench press, the bands are a great way to get in extra exercise upperbody, center and rear of the chain. Circuits High bandwidth upperbody representative for the band are great as goodmornings heating or GPP work as High Representative, together with pull throughs are an excellent way to raise to lowerback, buttocks and hamstring strength.

10) Heavy Chains
Again, for the accommodation of large resistance when added to many sit-ups, deadweight and presses, the chains also act as an easy way to add weight to the various movements upperbody as sauces, chins, pushups, rows resting and facepulls. Get 2-4 on most of elitefts (weighing 20 pounds each) and will have a "weighted vest" that will last a lifetime.

Dustin Lebel

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