Dress Bag

Dress Bag

Admit it, you're one of those people who are too concerned with dressing in a Halloween costume, because for once think about how stupid it may seem. For many people Halloween is that time of year to dress well or extremely embarrassing. In other words, is a hit or miss prospect. This could be true, but only if you are planning to disguise himself as a ghost or a clown. That's because dressing up for Halloween does not have to involve white makeup, red nose and shoes large, or a long white dress and brown paper bag with two holes. With a little bit of ingenuity and knowledge of the characters in traditional media, can be found some good ideas for costumes that will keep you looking attractive and safe.

People in uniform

This can be a safe bet and lacking imagination, but it is a safer way to look attractive. Given that women swoon by uniformed men as soldiers and firefighters because of the exudation masculinity, it is no secret that any uniform wear is a good way to go in the Halloween festivities. This applies to women. Women can take advantage of the fact that men can not keep the eyes of the cheerleading outfits, school girls and nurses, to name a few.

Pop Culture

Imitating the characters portrayed by celebrities is another great costume idea. Just think of famous movie characters and popular media personalities in pop culture. There are plenty of fantastic options for you. Dress like Austin Powers, for example, does not disappoint, because the international man of mystery never go out of style. Or you could dress like a pirate in "Pirates of the Caribbean. Since the things they love Captain Jack Sparrow, dressing like him definitely a little spice. The possibilities are endless. You can dress like a gangster, cowboy, as the Fox, or the Joker played by the late Heath Ledger.

Stars Sport

This is perhaps the easiest of all options due to its simplicity and availability. You can easily purchase the necessary clothing any sporting goods store nearby. There are also many kinds of sports out there and hundreds of renowned athletes, doing their job of choosing one much easier. From American football to European football, take the jersey of their favorite athlete, along with all the proper accessories such as helmets, belts and shoes, and pray for you would be able to identify a woman at the party with the same idea and dresses of Maria Sharapova.

Cultural and traditional costumes

As sportswear, can not go wrong with traditional costumes, and are absolutely convinced that people will recognize your computer. If someone does not, you are doing evil or good of the person or an alien. It's easy to do too much, just pick a time period such as 60 or 80, and dress as they did in this time. For example, you can dress like the set 1930 as the gangster Al Capone or John Dillinger. Or you can also opt for something more exciting, as 70 costumes leisure or 80 tops and ultra-tight black leather pants. GP

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