Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic
What do I need to travel from Canada to the Dominican Republic?

I have a criminal record of which I have served time in a federal pennitentiary in Canada. I have no drivers license or passport. I am planning a trip soon to the Dominican Republic with my girlfriend. Is my registration that I was not able to go? If not, what identification is required, taking into account not me or my girlfriend has a driver's license.

If you get a direct flight from Canada the Dominican Republic that we can a birth certificate along with a driver's license or photo identification issued by the government. If you have a certificate of birth but not a driver's license would be worth just to go to the passport office. However, a passport also requires several elements of identification also, from a birth certificate. Book until I start to get sufficient identification. You should contact the embassy by phone or email (2nd link) about his record. I do not think that matters, but it's worth checking first. They have a tourist card for $ 10. What to do when countries where tax is more of a tourist visa screening for real, and difficult for them to access criminal records, unlike the amount of Canada and the U.S. entries share. If they can not verify that he could not bother with that policy. Neither Canada nor the Republic Dominici websites say anything, so is another good sign.

Dominican Republic

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