Dogs Rock

Dogs Rock
What is a good website to go to in order to find out how much I need river rock for landscaping?

I'm trying to put stone river run my dog to stop digging and not have to worry about the grass.

sukhaavirati, Measure the area as close as possible. If there are too irregular areas, distributed in the rectangles. This length x width x depth. I use the feet, which is measured in unit, keep everything the same. 2 "= 6 '3" = .25 "4" = 3333' I would not have a ground cover, even rock. less than 2 "thick. So if you have an area of 45 'X 20' wide and I 2 "thick that is, 45 'x 20' x 6 '= 540 cubic feet that sell rock Yards to know cubic meters, so there are 27 cubic feet in a cubic meter. SO, 540 cu. ft / 27 = 20 cubic meters, Ay! Rental of about 3 or 4 workers.


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