Disney World

Disney World
How busy is Disney World in May?

We are in the process of planning the family vacation and want to visit Disney World this year. Usually take vacation in July, but thought that the earlier the better if you go to Disney. Can anyone prepare me for the number of people they were looking at if we go in May? My children are 8 and 4. Also, if anyone has any suggestions, I am interested in buying the meal plan and would like to hear some pros and cons about it.

Avoid holidays like Mother's Day weekend and Memorial Day. Beautiful May is a month to come to this beautiful city, but beware of Lovebugs. They tend to be in May and October. If you buy the meal plan that is a VERY good business to be sure to hit the dinner shows like Hoop De Doo Review and Polynesian luau!

Expedition Everest at Disney World

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