Desert Rental

Desert Rental
Wild Hogs: which vehicles have trailer hitch standard containers major car rental agencies?

Hi, I'm looking to go in a "Wild Hog trip" next week along Route 66 and the desert of southern New Mexico in concert with the beak of wildflowers for the next week. I prefer to rent an SUV or pickup extended cab to haul a trailer with 10 x 18 with two bikes 600 lbs. We will drive to St. Louis or Tulsa, then pull the bike for the rest of the trip. Thus we are more confident that we are in the best weather team since here in Michigan, salt, snow and black ice abound. I have a van and my friend has an extended cab truck that will work without problems, but I would prefer to use a new vehicle for the week and keep putting the miles on the car family. What car rental company would you suggest and that the vehicles will decide to make this trip??

Some of the Ford Expedition have … actaullly if I remember they all have them, but depends on the towing package if it has the 7 pin or 4 pin … But most of its bus rental agencies hire Ford and Chevrolet / GMC being the principal in that market … I've rented trucks before Company .. the cost is on top form, but be ready to tow …

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