Day Tour

Day Tour
What is the best day trip from Edinburgh to Loch Ness?

We are a young couple in our 20's looking to take a day tour of Edinburgh Loch Ness. I looked at the experience of Highland Tours, Haggis Adventures, and Tours Timberbush and rabbis, who are discounts if you have a pass from Edinburgh. Has anyone ever used any of the companies before and if so what was your impression?

Perhaps people who have never been there, there are at most Loch Ness is how Edinburgh. Any day trip, which takes "12 hours" — probably will …….. 10 hour bus ride and only 2 hours to visit the Museum Lock Ness and call it a day. Or maybe, will stop to allow lunch, allow to dump your tourist dollars in trinkets Nessie, and then drive around the lake and back home. eh —- If you really want to stop and enjoy the place …… I HIGHLY Sugguest at least an overnight stay, preferably Inverness ….. a beautiful and picturesque village on the edge of Loch Ness. (Do not worry, they have a Pizza Hut and all ..) So, you will have time for a good boat tour relaxing …… a good look around the castle ruins, and even take a piper or two to really make the experience memorable. 10 hours to stop riding the bus ………. not so memorable. (Of course, everything depends on what you lovebirds doing in the back of the bus ……. but I digress. .. …) The museum was nice ….. if not a little "light" Nessie …………( real things understandable, of course …..) and depending on what you ship operator .. ….. ranging from those who try to make everything …….. fun boat operators just take your money and essentually call you crazy if you think you will see Nessie. I found that most of the surface really downplaying the whole thing …….. not quite the tourist trap I figured it would be. Enough to be fun, to laugh. ! Enjoy your trip!

Bell X1 – Bad Skin Day (Tour de Flock live)

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