Day Tickets

Day Tickets
How do I get tickets for Green Day surprise surprise a girl I like?

I love a good friend of mine, and Green Day is your group Favorite of all time. I like to surprise her with surprising entries date of visit to Seattle on July 3. And I'm not holding my breath, but if I were to be able to obtain as, backstage passes and all that, I totally would be a hero in my eyes. Any help anyone can give me? Would you happen to have relatives celebrities can call to ask a favor? : D But yes, any information would be nice.

Well, the tickets have not been released yet, so you can register for tickets in advance at the official fan site, Club Idiot []. It costs $ 20 to join it though, not really get something extra. The last time the tickets were about $ 47 so I do not know how much you're willing to spend .. also, being in the zone Idiot [mosh pit] will cost more. There could be competitions or something backstage closer over time. Just keep an eye on because they have all the most recent and reliable information. Good luck!

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