David King

David King
Spiritually speaking: As David danced before the Lord, did you ever dance for their King Jesus Christ?

King David danced before the Lord and people thanking the Lord for giving her the victory. So I was not ashamed to dance before the Lord, although it was criticized by some. Never leave offends you, knowing who God is, and that He is worshiped and thanked for all the blessings He gave King David. King David loved the Lord their God.

We have been blessed by the Lord every day … and even if we are at home, a party or in church and began to dance is to him. He is everywhere, even if some do not realize. Everything we do on this earth is for him. He sees everything, even when we do what we ask not. But Allah is Forgiving, provided that finds its way back to him ….

MK1615 — 61/365 The Tribes annoint David King over Israel

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