Dakine Women

Dakine Women
You know where I can find snowboard bags for women online?

I am a woman and I am looking to buy a snowboard bag, but when I look online all I see is rather masculine looking bags on board. Does anyone know of a site or brand that makes snowboard women's bags? I looked to Dakine and Burton and they all seem very masculine. Roxy I do some, but I can not see any on your site. Any help is appreciated! Thanks

www.the-house.com/bagsb.html a lot of people do not do eBay, but I looked, and there are also pockets of big bags here too www.altrec.com/outdoors/womens/snowboard/bagsluggage/ www.usoutdoorstore.com / / snowboard brand Burton snowboarding bags and I think procterjones.com ohhh hmmm …. u can try luggage.com mysimon.com also saw some also goodluckk ok!

Melissa Gil kiting Jupiter

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