Dakine Men

Dakine Men
Ladies please, what the stock market?

Ok im about to start college and I need a backpack. I was thinking about a messenger bag but could not find one in my price range that I liked and I've never used one and still am a little tired. So I decided in the bag just a reg. I can not decide which of them. I am a woman with a figure of baby, so I do not know if women really need a bag or what. http://www.ebags.com/hurley/one_and_only_backpack/product_detail/index.cfm?modelid=108240 this link is displayed with a man carrying the bag so you do not know …. http://www.ebags.com/dakine/eve_pack/product_detail/index.cfm?modelid=112032 I went with the plaid this autumn. What do think? Thanks! Or if you have links to something better would be appreciated. Oh, and NO i hate that much akward JanSport pocket square bulky they have in the back. sorry

Go with the second-that seems to have more support, and that's good considering the university usually has a lot task. Fashion does not care as much as comfort. I'd rather have a comfortable, fashionable bag not a girl, awkward bag

Da kine (US – Horde – Lethon) Vs. Anub Hard Mode (10-man)

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