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How do I look elegant and pretty while traveling to Europe in November, will be FREEZING!

Hey guys, I'm trying to figure out what kind of things I need to pack for Europe in November. Come to Paris, Berlin, Munich, Sazlburg, Venice and Rome, and everybody is telling me it will be COLD! Can anyone recommend what to wear? I've never been to Europe before he left alone in the cold at the start of winter! Would you like to look yet elegant and nice if time travel is possible if anyone has any ideas that largely appreicatte it! thanks heaps

Most people in Europe wear jeans, sweaters and a jacket. For shoes, most people opt for trainers or sneakers or whatever you call them. If you have boots that are hot you can bring, but unless the boots are in fashion in Europe not many people use them, not even in winter. The temperature is probably well above freezing, if you cold find depends on your point of origin. If you are from a tropical climate (southern U.S., northern Australia, Singapore, …..) you should bring a coat shelter beneath his jeans. A friend of mine always tells her friends to wear silk PYAM under his jeans, seems to be 5 before they wear spectacles, but if you do not, trousers, training suits, thin or long underwear will, too. For the upper half, several layers are hotter than a thick layer, but you might want to find a sweater real hot in Europe (more choice.) If you are in a cold climate or a place where they have real winters laugh about the temps. But whatever its origins, dress for warmth rather than for looks, not elegant and beautiful when you're shaking. And bring a jacket to the test Rain, rain is more likely than snow, and strong winds are common in Europe in November too.

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