Custom Luggage

Custom Luggage
Any problems with custom check if my baggage hold dry ice?

I can do some special gelato that I would bring my family and friends around the world. I need to keep frozen during the trip. Will there be any problem is to practice if they are in dry ice?

There is no problem with the performance of dry ice in your check-in baggage. Worldwide it is permissible. Do not worry about the customs, because dry ice is not a "hot" topic and do not taxed or bothered with it. What is most important is the element that needs to be "frozen", but as you been described as gelato, then you can walk through any clearance around the world smoothly. The airlines, however, not allow the ice dry in hand luggage as this can be dangerous due to the pressurized cabin. I hope you will try your gelato. They should be especially given you're going through the trouble of them worldwide. Bon voyage!

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