Cupcakes Green

Cupcakes Green
Where can I find green licorice lace?

TWIZZLERS and green? I'm making cookies for a baby shower and I need this candy to look like pumpkins. Looking for the cheapest way for these online or in store Thanks! Thank you! I'll check and see if I can find something tomorrow Walmart

You can ask them, either by the bag ($ 2.29 each) or by the package of 12 ($ 24.25 each) here is the link to licorice green apple:—Green-Apple-Juicy-Twists — 9-oz-P370C115.aspx? AFID = 7 packages have been involved individually multiflavor TWIZZLERS at Walmart and Target, but you have to buy more bags just to get a smaller amount of green, so it would certainly be a more economical just order online.

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