Crocodile Croc

Crocodile Croc

The giraffe (camelopardalis Girraffe) is a very strange animal is a ruminant like a goat or a cow, but has a head and a body closer to the horse, neck and shoulders memory of a camel, eyes of a bull, the legs of an antelope, color and design of a leopard skin. The Latin name also try to remember these things. Class Mammalia, the order of artiodactylis, family, giraffes. The height varies from 4 to 5 meters and weight of a ton or more.

The gestation period 14 to 15 months, while a young man, weighing 70 kg. Giraffes live up to 25 years. There are many species. The more attractive the reticulated giraffe. In Kenya there is also a kind rare has five horns (with respect to the horns may or five, depending on the species, but only bony protrusions covered in hair, with a lock in the top and are considered ornamental rather than for defensive purposes, is used to stroke during the mating season)

Long neck of a giraffe

Tough to say incredible, the giraffe, like a mouse, has seven vertebrae in its long neck. Nature has endowed with a unique device to avoid excess blood down t the brain when the head is lowered to the ground. A little of the valve closes and the pressure is reduced proportionately. The favorite diet is the thorny acacia, an umbrella-shaped tree with small leaves in the bushes with thorns. Without fear, a special muscle in the lips is a prick test. The language is half a meter of long and also helps to grab branches. The African giraffe has no voice, but in reality, sometimes it can bleat and sometimes growl.

At bedtime, it should be proceed with a special maneuver, so to speak, segment by segment. However, he feels helpless when lying, so it prefers to rest upright with the legs farther apart than usual.

The retreat of the giraffe is extremely dangerous due to leg length and speed, therefore, someone has calculated that can foot kicking a ball 300 meters .. Whenever the ball is not broken before.

The African Nile crocodile

The crocodile. The Nile River, through of much of Africa from time immemorial has given hospitality to this huge reptile, Crocodylus niloticus appropriately named. Still today there are signs 5 to 6 meters long and weighs a ton, but some time ago you could find creatures, including 9 meters long. It is generally believed that crocodiles are the only animals that have changed little of their prehistoric ancestors, and only seems to have decreased in size.

The crocodile is a reptile which provides 20 to 50 eggs per brood. It hides the pile of eggs in the sand and is not far from the place. Approximately 90 days after hatching the little crocodile, and instinctively have a career in the water. It is the most dangerous time for the newborn. In fact there are many enemies waiting for the occasion, the air birds and other animals in the field, especially other reptiles, a big lizard, which is not waiting to hatch, but will dig up the eggs before they are indigestible.

Without language innovative crocodile eats

It is good in the fact that the balance of nature is kept, otherwise it would be a river full of crocodiles, as the mother of crocodiles can live into their seventies years and can count on to lay eggs in abundance. The crocodile has no tongue, but only a stump of the muscle that connects to the throat at the time of immersion. The teeth are used to maintain and break the barrier instead of chewing.

To tear the flesh of the prey, the crocodile closes its jaw and quickly converts three or four times around like a torpedo of rotation, because the dam can not go that fast, its pieces. Stones have been discovered in the stomach of crocodiles, some think may be useful in large pieces of chopped meat swallowed without chewing. Others think that the stones are just added weight to make it easier to dive. Friends of the crocodiles are not numerous

Even snappy jaws will not touch this bird

Only a bird that has permission to approach and even to enter his mouth when open. The bird does the work of a toothpick and toothbrush and also (nice dream-come easily in the sun!) It acts as an alarm clock to wake the alligators when danger is imminent. Indeed, even in the animal kingdom can apply the saying goes, a friend in need is a friend in action.

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Tiger vs Crocodile. Tiger kills Croc .(Tiger is the winner).

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