Creek Tarmac

Creek Tarmac

Soon, drilling rigs and fracking ran up and down the new cut road, appearing in the wells of each couple of acres. Janet and I helped where we could, but were more interested in the excavation of a large parcel of land by the trailer of science tomato plants were nursing in their boxes. We meet red mulch from inside rotting logs in the forest, laden with our three little trailer wheels, and used as fertilizer.

The first three wells were within a hundred yards of each other to close the mobile home. Only later we learned that the pump jacks lighting bars are huge! And we were which already exist from living on a hill! Although lightning never struck the trailer, which regularly hit the pump jacks to the side, which made the the severe storms that frequent the northwestern Pennsylvania interesting to say the least.

Once a well was drilled, casing steel pipe has been run on the hole and then was introduced by pressure fracking huge towers, breaking the layers of rock below, and allow the oil mixed with salt water to seep from the formations in which it would subsequently pumped to the surface. Beam fell together in the housing to act as a pump, and pump jacks are built on the well (the appearance of giant grasshoppers) to move the bars up and down.

After a well was equipped, underground plastic pipes and lines power took place. The pipeline ran from the wells to large storage tanks in the middle of the property where he separated the oil and salt water. The oil is stored in tanks picked up a local dealer, while tanks with a large pit was excavated and sealed with plastic sheeting to contain salt water until it can evaporate.

The salt water was produced in greater volume than I expected, however, and I had a bad feeling about him. As the wells were completed, my pump was working to ensure that each well was pumping twice a day by the amount of time carefully so that it would pump dry. It was all kinds of electrical and mechanical maintenance and repair of pump jacks that were damaged by regular lightning.

Brother Janets AND FRIENDS-in-law was already in the process of drilling more wells in other fields, but when oil prices fell and tax shelters legislators ended cozy connected to the oil wells, it was not long before the oil boom. . . went bankrupt.

One day I looked in the brook that ran through the property and realized that everything about him, all the frogs and fish and water spiders were dead. The salt water had leaked from the holding pond and contaminated groundwater, a red dye informer. The earth was beginning to erode as well, with many of the trees are gone, and the pump jacks rusting. Our small hill was not the same.

Janet and I became discouraged. The things that initially endeared us to the property is changing, as all things they do, and sadness crept in me often be found very emotional, feeling as if you were standing on a track with tears saying goodbye to a dear friend who knew I would never see again. Perhaps this was a sign that my practice deepens. I was not sure, and though the pain was melancholy, however, was painful. Now I understood why I had always been afraid to attach to things too well, it hurts too much to let them go. But they have to, as all things seem to do in time.

Janet and I always gave me support that we have invoked, usually we are sailing through rough waters. Giving up the heavens, both had been such despair, and the world, so it was difficult, without feeling a crushing loss. This always left us unable to do standing, but perhaps this spiritual poverty was exactly what we needed to slide down the mountain we had created and have been struggling to climb. If necessary, we more than willing to live both in the misery – material and spiritual.

This was a dark time for me. I was restless and began to doubt myself, maybe all my life had been wasted. Life had lost its appeal and I was depressed, and although I had always Janet, began to feel alone and abandoned. It was like if I was expecting something. . . and there was nothing he could do except wait.

A shot rings out, a deer falls, the universe is reduced. After being exposed to two hunting seasons in the mountains, it was time to leave, and as two raindrops running in a stream that is happy to return to its source, which ended in the Zen Center San Francisco. I thought I had conquered all the diseases related to meditation that developed in the Abbey, and plunged into the practice, but I was about to learn that what I thought was minor.

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E. Raymond Rock of Fort Myers, Florida is cofounder and principal teacher at the Southwest Florida Insight Center, His twenty-eight years of meditation experience has taken him across four continents, including two stopovers in Thailand where he practiced in the remote northeast forests as an ordained Theravada Buddhist monk. His book, A Year to Enlightenment (Career Press/New Page Books) is now available at major bookstores and online retailers. Visit []

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