Convertible Luggage

Convertible Luggage
How much luggage space much does a Chrysler Sebring convertible?

My family and I have to travel to California this summer and have decided to rent a convertible Chrysler Sebring. We are, however, worried about his luggage capacity. About suitcases large, medium or small how many to put on your trunk?

You should be fine … With the top down, Chrysler proudly proclaims that it could still fit 2 golf bags in the trunk … 4 with the top up. I which can equate that to a large suitcase with several small ones around it with the top down – or a bunch of medium-sized enterprises. Will you be driving often with all their luggage in the trunk??? Let the trash at the hotel then put the top down … 🙂

1960 Lincoln Continental Convertible Top Retracting and Erecting

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