Converter Plug

Converter Plug
Where can I purchase the correct electronic converter and plug adapter from America to India?

Hi, I'm leaving for India in less than a week and I totally forgot to pick up a voltage converter and a plug adapter for my electronics. This is particularly important because it will study abroad and I need my laptop to study. I need to know what exactly what I need and where can I buy them. Thank you.

Check all your electronic equipment. Search for something like 100-240 V 50/60Hz. Most modern electronic equipment will have this printed on the power supply / charger and you will not need a converter, just a plug adapter for American Indians. BTW converters are usually not approved for the chargers and power supplies, dryers Hair and articles just another type of heating. Read the instructions! Go to to find the plug adapter you need. Radio Shack and Target sell adapters. I recommend you also get an increase as the protector of foreign countries tend to have a lot of feeding problems.

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