Converter Adapter

Converter Adapter

When traveling in another country you need to know what kind of voltage converters and voltage transformers and plug adapters to get to their electrical products. Items such as hairdryers, electric shavers, irons, coffee makers, TV, VCR or DVD all need energy to function. Unfortunately, the power voltage available is not always what is needed. In this case, you need either a voltage converter 110V to 220V or 220V to 110V converter.

Let's look at the different types of converters and adapters available today.

Type Voltage converters

There are two main types of voltage converters — step up or down. Step up converters convert energy to a higher voltage than what is shown on the appliance. For example, an electric shaver made in the USA works with standard 110 volt outlet. With a step converter, which can be used with a 220 volt outlet in another country. Step converters not just the opposite.

Power and Voltage Converters

Power normally determines which type of voltage converter is needed in terms of power. For younger electronics such as electric shavers that are not heating products, a 50-watt converter enough. Heating for electronics as curling irons, hair dryers, iron and coffee, a 1600-watt converter will be needed. If you feel the power quality is a problem, it's a good idea buy a universal surge suppressor along with your voltage converter.

For your computer, CD player, video camera, TV, VCR or DVD, voltage converters can be used according to the power necessary power. But be aware that there are several formats used for television programming and movies (VHS or DVD) who can not work with your product.

A TV will need a voltage converter more powerful than what is stated on the back of the set, because a TV causes an increase in power when first turned on. Many new electronic products in these categories are able to work with multiple points of tension. Some products contain a simple electronic switch that controls the output voltage. Just Be sure to turn the switch to the correct voltage for the country are visiting – before plugging it in. There are free players and region code free and TVs that work well in other countries.

A Variety Adapter

Not only need voltage converters for traveling abroad, but the final plug adapters as well. Since many countries have Numerous types of outlets, it is wise to carry a variety of adapters with you. Some types of adapter you can find are flat tip, flat tip connected grounding pin, round pin, round pins with ground, round pin and receptacle with grounding pin male "Schuko" plug, blade plug rectangular, oblique flat blades, round pins with spade ground, "South African" plug with oversized pin. Although the AC plug fit properly the taking, they will not convert the voltage.

Some popular brand names for voltage converters and adapters include Franzus, Tripplite, Kensington, Electro-Sensors, Horlick, Devar, Visicomm, Travelarts, Dataforth, Avtron, and many others.

With so many great online resources, you can easily navigate the Web to find voltage converters and adapters you need. Now you can travel without leaving their frequent use of electronic back!

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