Condo Rental

Condo Rental

When entering a restaurant, you prefer to see cockroaches or flowers? First impressions are everything!

It is true for your vacation rental too. The hard truth is that you can lose reserves, or worse, some customers may be brought to court to demand their money back if they enter into a lease that is not promised. We know these stories – that's why we chose this topic. No matter the price range of your condo or house, luxury or budget, the first impressions mean everything! Bad impressions are difficult to recover and at least give rise to poor reviews available online for everyone there out in the cyber world to see.

Here is how to prevent:

 • Communication is key – From beginning to end, make sure that your customer can easily reach via email or telephone to ask questions. Before the arrival, make sure that are crystal clear about getting into your car. A safe bet is to use the Internet, locks. Internet lock, giving the access codes to customers remotely.

 • Cleaning – It goes without saying that the rent should be absolutely flawless. Do not assume that a sweep here and there is a good cleaning. This is a regrettable example: Recently, an unhappy tenant entered into a high end property and found broken blinds, sheets bad, rodent droppings and traps. Needless to say – the tenant is demanding the return of money and booking elsewhere. You can imagine the impact of be produced on the exams.

 • No Surprises – If there is anything that the tenant needs to know about your property, tell them. For example, if by chance your car has some water damage on ceilings, because a condo on it, but the spots are scheduled for cleaning and maintenance after your stay, tell your landlord. If there is no central A / C, but there are ceiling fans and many windows can be opened, tell your landlord. The more you know your tenant, the better!

 • Guest Manual – This is a wonderful way to add that special extra touch for their tenants. The manual can include menus from local restaurants, information about the house such as how to adjust the thermostat, what to do and not do when is cleaning, etc. Any information the community is great too. They also include contact information for area emergency systems and any other important numbers. Be sure to show that if one WiFi code.

 • All in Working Order – ensuring that all is functioning properly such as the dryer / washer, Dishwasher, all the light bulbs are still good, ventilators, garbage removal, pumps swimming pools, etc. Otherwise, please refer to Tip # 3.

 • Courtesy toiletries – This is another special touch to go a long way! Even provide sample sizes of toothpaste, shampoo and conditioners, soaps, etc. mean a lot for their tenants.

 • Gift Basket – Recently we have been in a nice house in Orlando. It was not just an incredible house, but the director also provided This is somewhat surprising to us in the refrigerator. What !!!!! surprising and thoughtful gesture

"This has been a difficult year in the rental business holiday and the only way to survive is to find something that makes you stand out from the crowd, "said the manager of income." By concentrating our efforts on the provision of small details that are comparatively inexpensive, we were able to leave a lasting and positive impression on our customers, who has worked for our benefit. We not only have more research, because we also have our guests singing the praises of other owners in the area which has resulted in new houses that are under our management. "

 • City guides – We believe that tenants will love finding more information about the city you're planning to visit. Therefore, provide a guide to the city or a link to a guide to the city.

As the lesson: not to assume that customers expect the best. That means, keep communication open and honest, no surprises, create a clean and comfortable home for their guests, and extra touches make a big difference too.

So remember, no cockroaches! But the flowers are great!

Dr. Krishnan is the President of RentExpert (, the leading site for high quality, well managed vacation rentals. Dr. Krishnan is a serial entrepreneur and has built multiple successful companies over the last 15 years. You can find more detailed information at

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