Condo July

Condo July
Closed Condo on 15 October and is still awaiting documents from the title company – normal?

I keep calling the title company and say they are working on closing docs from July! Is this normal for the title of documents to take this long? Will I need my taxes (and to claim the credit of $ 8,000 for 1st time home buyers)? Thank you!

Not sure what you mean by "closed"? That is not normal unless you are working with a short sale and have the documentation to the IRS. The title company should know what forms need to prsent with the IRS. If "closed" means that, signed at the title company and is presented with documents in his office and then searched the house, so I'm a little confused I guess. Where to sign documents in order to get the keys and why not give them to you there? It seems strange to me. Good luck!

bethel CT condo fire july 12 2009

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