Computer Brief

Computer Brief

Software as a Service (SaaS) is also known as software on demand. This is the new concept of delivering software products and their uses for the customer. Traditionally, software products were delivered to the client on the CD and the client uses to install on your desktop or server. There were many problems with this scheme to the customer and the software vendor.

Inconvenience to the customer

The main drawback in the old system is that the client have to pay full price for the product, even if you only use certain features of the software. Secondly, you have to constantly upgrade the products when released a patch or a new version. This imposes an additional financial burden as well as technical issues such as backward compatibility. The other drawback is that once acquired software from a particular provider is beaten with the same provider. Even if the product does not meet your expectations, do not have any alteration. He is totally dependent on the same provider for all media.

Inconvenience to the Seller

The seller also has many problems with the old system. Every time a patch is released or a new version, you need to provide support for multiple platforms. Ultimately, increasing the cost of production and distribution. Since the price differential is not possible in this model, the supplier charges the same price to all users regardless of their level of use. Due to this user that uses very little features also end up paying more. Another problem is that most users are technically armed the seller must provide support customer sites for installation and troubleshooting, increasing operating costs.

SaaS and its benefits

SaaS Model allows providers to launch the product as a service. The seller has complete control over the product as it is hosted by him on your server and used by customers through their computers remotely. The user can use the software as a service, either by paying a periodic subscription or by paying according use. One vendor offers various services standards such as gold, silver, bronze, etc. according to the needs and capabilities of the client. The user can also select features you need and pay only for the features you use.

The provider has complete control over the product, install the updates and provides the features client on the remote desktop through control procedures. This reduces the cost of distribution and also saves a huge amount of time. Another advantage is that the client uses the real-time software, you can register immediately the mistakes, errors and return immediately and this helps the company fix them quickly. While SaaS appears be similar to its predecessor, ASP, both are not the same. ASP model provides the organization to move its application to an external server, while shared SaaS applications offer who can access different users from their desktops. Sass The growing demand among users due to its simplicity and cost effectiveness of the units more and more sellers of this domain with better products. This heralds a paradigm shift in software delivery and changes the game completely.

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