Computer Backpack

Computer Backpack
I have a "pack" of about 5 years ago. How do I transfer files to my new Pentium 4?

I lost the software for years. Usually connected to the slot of the printer, but I've tried and nothing seems to work. I have asked computer stores, but said that I am charged over $ 100 only to watch it! Any ideas?

This sounds like parrellel is malfuntioning port, the other 2 reasponces are correct, but check in the panel system control, and the Hardware tab, Device Manager, either printers or ports, to see if there is a yellow question mark, if so, disable the device, reconnect the device from the backpack, and then restart the computer, this will force the Plug and Play program to see the port and then if so the device in the harbor, but to download any software, or place a file and if asked when you restart the computer refer to that file.

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