Compartment Briefcase

Compartment Briefcase
Opening Trunk 2000 Regal …?

Just for tonight, after loading my trunk with my briefcase and a box of CD's, or control remote, glove button or the key opens the trunk. I have to go through the rear seats to access it. There seems to be no mechanism for manual opening located inside the trunk. And I can not find a way to release the lock mechnism. Any help?!? Using the key, the key will not turn on using the button compt latch glove doens't even make a sound in the distance using the doors lock and unlock fine, but anything in the trunk thank you very much!

Is there any chance that if the force inside the trunk of the load on the inside? If this is the case, try to push the trunk lid and try to turn the key at a time. Is there any chance that he managed to get something stuck in the locking mechanism (cover of the book, fabric, spars etc)? If so, the only remedy may be taken to a body shop. I'm sorry for your circumstances.

5.11 Tactical Side Trip Briefcase from U.S. Cavalry

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