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Collection Vertical
Asked Economy: supply curve of Picasso paintings.?

If there were 1000 Picasso paintings in the world, which were held by museums and collectors private, how would the supply curve as the paintings of Picasso. My theory is that the curve would be completely inelastic (vertical) as there is a certain number of tables available, however, my other idea is that the supply curve would be impossible to obtain, would be nonexistent because I really do not sell their collections Museums and every private collector would have a different price they want to sell your painting.

I would say that every single painting by Picasso is different from all other tables Picasso, in other words, no homogeneous commodity called "Picasso Painting '. As a result, the price of a particular frame is determined by exogenous factors than the quantity supplied and demanded. A supply curve is therefore impossible to determine.

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