Clutch Credit

Clutch Credit
After that incredible shot, we can finally stop saying Lebron isn't clutch right?

With his back against the wall behind the series 1-0 posilby going on the road 2-0 shot was clutch as you can get even the series at 1-1 I'm not praising him as a god but I must say that was incredible and gives credence now. After the game 1 all we heaeing about how hes not clutch and now I think I proved everybody wrong. It was a great shot but no luck What Lebrons incredible clutch buzzer beater?

Well yes that just hit 2 to the time in his career, but remember it's the playoffs and if they lose, down 0-2? LeBron's performance was amazing and who cares about the clutch or whatever, I care Cavs earn more. Clutch is wrong, harder to make Fisher yesterday but still did.

Kobe Bryant League Of Clutch

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