Clip Card

Clip Card

The escort card is an important part of a wedding. Without it, your guests will not know where to sit for dinner. But most of these cards are pretty boring, a white or "ivory shop" card with the name of each guest (or couple), written in ink black. Although you need them, you need not be limited to the form standard, especially when it was their wedding. Check out these new ideas for escort cards for use in outdoor weddings.

Cards Escort is a great place to do something creative. It's great if you can come up with a unique format, which also fits well with the overall theme or feeling of your wedding. For example, say you're having an informal country wedding in her backyard with the bride in a gown of clothing and jewelry handcrafted wedding. Throw the cardboard formal white tent in favor of something more relaxed and original.

A length of rope serves as a great place to showcase their seating cards. Arrange in alphabetical order and the use of forceps to cut each rope. As a bonus, insert pictures of the bride and groom or old family photos among the letters of fixing them an escort of rope between the card on every eight or ten. Your friends will enjoy a stroll through memory lane in search of their allocation for dinner.

This is excellent to bring elements of your wedding setting screens. If you have your receipt in a field, a simple way to organize the table cards is the "plant" in a field of wheat germ table. You you can grow your own wheat grass plot, or if necessary, get a piece of grass in a landscape. Trim the edge of the square of grass with a thin strip of wood or bamboo. The escort cards can be aligned in neat rows on the bed of grass. This project takes at least a little effort, but pays big dividends in the department style.

For a beach wedding, there are many great ways to make seating cards. A beautiful look is getting a lot of starfish. Tie a strip of paper to each of them bears the name of a guest and their table number. The starfish will look great lying on a table at the entrance of your reception. Another idea is very green sea to escort cards parchment on a bed of smooth Seaglass in shades of blue and green. Another really cute escort beach concept of the card is write the names of umbrellas paper (like the kind that come with tropical drinks) and planted in a bed of sand.

Escort cards do not even have to be traditional notecards. If you has an elegant outdoor wedding, the kind where the bride wears a wedding dress and elegant handmade jewelry, a very fresh look would use a gold marker registering names on a piece of fruit like a pear. Effect is the epitome of simple but elegant, like many brides to fight for his design of the wedding.

With a little creativity, you will find that there are all sorts of unusual escort cards and fantastic that conforms to an outdoor wedding. You can have fun picking up something unusual. Usually escort cards are a great way to take something you need and make it a really elegant complement to your wedding reception.

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