Clear Plastic

Clear Plastic
How does a Tamarack get used to make clear plastic windows on envelopes?

This is a difficult question, I know. But it is true because I read about this several times. My question is how? is the bark, resin, wood needles? I wonder how a tree can produce transparent plastic wrap.

I have been in print 20 years. I know the material used in window envelopes is poly (EZC) Parchment, or Crystal Clear (Cello). This is according to one of the largest envelope makers in the country. Never heard of Tamarack. Below is what I found on parchment, which is a role and that is what I think he's talking about. Glassine is generally less transparent dyes which are added to the color of paper or is opaque. It is manufactured by a process called calendering after pulping and drying, the leaves are pressed through rollers so that the role of flatten fibers facing the same direction. To maximize the smoothness and thinness of paper, glass paper has to go through this process several times, by what is known as supercalendered.

Applying Future to Clear Plastic Parts

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