Changer Adapter

Changer Adapter
What is the model # for a 6-CD changer that will fit a '99 VW Jetta?

I just bought the car used and a 6CD changer only can be connected to an adapter on the back and run through the factory radio. I'm looking for one on ebay and want to be sure you get the right fit. I guess There are different types of plugs … square, round, etc.

There used to be many brands that could do this, but earlier this year announced that the only company that makes CD changers (they are made under many brand names) was ceasing operations because of falling demand caused by iPods and other devices. You may be better off getting an iPod and an interface to your car stereo. Here is a company that makes an iPod interface for your vehicle. I would like to find a store that sells locally to have it installed. Http: / / / home.asp

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