Case Tote

Case Tote
What kind of container for use other than to keep an album of family photos as easy to tote around?

IN CASE OF FIRE and you need go fast at the door. What type of container would be good PICTURES PUT IN LOOSE, OTHER THAN A PHOTO ALBUM HEAVY ……..

Irreplaceable pictures are be scanned onto a CD and put in a bank safety deposit box and other elements such as deeds, wills, automobile titles, etc. I also buy and use a safe fireproof for the house and put any other memories and / or documents or images that need custody there. Thus not scrambling to find precious objects, when the house is on fire and every second counts to get yourself and family with pets away from heat. While you're at it, take pictures their furniture and the whole house and put on a CD for the same reason, and keep in a locked box in the house. Keep updated annually or whenever you add something to your home or possessions. Another good idea is to have a "survival kit" with the elements necessary for everyone in the household in case of a tornado, hurricane, earthquake, flood or fire. Only a small suitcase with a change of clothes and a small first aid kit and keep it in the trunk of his car. I also would any other item in the container (something as simple as a heavy duty cardboard box) needed a quick exit from the house. If you're in a hurricane zone I would definitely maintain supplies of water a day for all, and maybe some dried food that will last until I can get somewhere that has food. A kind of space blanket, and possibly a tarp will be useful too. During those times of year to maintain at least a 1 / 2 gas tank or fill up if you can ahead of time. I know that this is most wanted in the form of an album for some pictures, but if they are thinking of a fire, I think a little more and not have to play the "if only" and "desire" to play when it is too late. … jj

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