Case Luggage

Case Luggage

An increasingly popular topic these days is the stock compression or storage systems. Most of these are advertised on television for the storage at home.

The system basically consists of a large clear plastic bag in which squashable items like clothing, towels and bedding can slide. A significant amount of material can be installed inside of these bags. At one end of the bag has a zip that can be attached to seal the bag tightly. A valve on one side of the bag can be installed in an air pump, usually battery or mains power. The air pump then suck all the air out of the bag, compress massively.

It is very surprising just how much air is contained within the clothing. Squash material and deal with significantly less volume. Thus, clothing such as sweaters, coats and other bulky items can potentially make a room more than a few cotton tops. This same method and system can be easily applied to the luggage to carry with you on holiday, since most of these bags are the same size and dimension of the basis of a suitcase average.

So, putting her clothes in these bags, remove air and the crushing of his clothes to a much smaller volume, then you can ensure that you see a lot of space in your bag for other products soon.

Another advantage of these systems is compression bags that protect clothing inside damage, including folding or creasing. This of course is another immediate advantages for the traveler who can not only make clothes that takes up less space, but also come in the same excellent condition that was full. Two warnings to heed, however, if you are considering using this system. The first is, of course, be necessary to have the air pump with you. This in itself will have a good bit of space in your luggage, and also add weight. However, this may well be more than offset by the amount of space saved by compressing your clothes in the first place.

The second thing to consider is if your air pump is operated network, then depending on destination, may also be necessary for you to have a power adapter. Clearly, taking otherwise what would be a huge volume of clothes, but in a compressed format will require you to be able to compress your clothes just as much the other end, unless you intend to leave many of his clothes behind, or use half of your wardrobe in his return trip simply because he can not fit everything back in its case.

Battery operated compressor air tends to drain battery power pretty quickly, and may be appropriate to ensure either that the batteries are fresh or fully charged, or take a spare set with you for use on the other end.

These air compression systems are therefore ideal for the traveler and the reduction in the significant price and are a worthwhile purchase. One last thought however, please remember that reducing the volume of your clothes are not in any way reduce weight. Therefore, by compressing the clothing, the temptation is to fit more clothes in our bag, which naturally increases the weight of your suitcase in comparison normally. Maybe worth considering reducing the size of the bag to take, instead of falling into the temptation of packing even heavier objects where enormous.

Using the compression system, not only for clothes, but use the principle that the choice of bag size you choose for your use in the first place.

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