Case Logic

Case Logic
Will Case Logic DCB-36 D40 in shape?

I looked at his letter. He proved that fits D50 and D80 but not D40. I thought it was smaller than any of digital SLRs. Note: I need to fit the kit lens too.

Is not this case really designed for video cameras? In any case, sure it will work with the D40 if it will work with the D80, and probably with the aim of the kit too. The question is how well it works? I am sure the camera to go there, but the design and dividers in the bag can not really hold the camera firmly in place … only be a camera bag. Personally, I do not buy the bags, except in person, preferably when you have your team with you. I found next to impossible to really judge how well a bag work with my team a picture online. You need the bag in his hand. I suggest you go to a photo shop or even local Wally World or the place and collect a personal bag.

Case Logic XNSLR

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