Case Key

Case Key
I gave my number to another girl to keep me where I was blocked. Now my circumstances have changed, and?

I have to give a clue to give a doctor and I asked again. She said he would back. but then went on vacation without it. This is a key copy not like I live in a extendicare. What should I do? @ Drewkelele's really for me – if I were still alive outpatient in a small town with only a locksmith who is not copied, and I am unable making the rounds of nothing

You will have to pay to change the locks! I would do it ASAP! It will be worth the cost! 3 keys have him do this time, you, neighbor, and the caregiver (for an extra, extra key). It will cost more, but will be worth it.I m 'Sorry for the inconvenience at the time of the need your beloved.


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