Case Flash

Case Flash

Let's see the advantages and disadvantages for both web design and Flash Design, and then decide on the preferred or "our recommended" choice of the two.

First we will establish a case study. We are looking to build a website for an artist and he has outlined some goals for us to consider. He wants her to be …

Very elegant
Both web and flash design can easily achieve this goal. They often use a combination to create the two main attractions of our clients' Web sites. Ultimately, we suggest that Flash is much easier to use when designing a structure creative.

Search engine friendly
Unfortunately, Flash has zero chance of search engine optimization. Flash is inserted as a.swf file and any text contained in the flash file can not be read by search engines. Web site design using HTML that is perfect to optimize a site web. Search engines like Google and Yahoo! You can read all the HTML code that contain the text of its rich content.

Easily editable for updates frequent
Once again there are very limited with Flash, if you want to update your website regularly. You require flash knowledge and access to program Flash, and Flash files. If your site was built using standard web design and web page designer can easily include editable sections and create a special program for you to edit and change your website without worrying about breaking it!

Interactive User
This Flash is where you really can shine! User interaction can be taken full use of simple web forms to complete games. Website design also offers extensive functionality of the user interaction, but not quite the standard Flash.

This Web Design and Flash Design?
Well since the previous case study that recommended web / HTML design as it offers everything that Flash has to give more. Optimization search engines is very important for the long term so its not a good idea to neglect it. Web design also provides a control for the client so that they can their own updates without having to return to the web design company.

You can find out more about web design online or on our website. If you’re looking for cheap web design services then you should visit us to speak to one of our designers.

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