Carrying Case

Carrying Case
How can I make a paintball kit?

I need something to store my paintballs for quick access during a match. Does anyone have any ideas about what I should do (besides buying a box or container)?

assuming you do not want to spend … any amount of money? probably could happen in the use of a Gatorade bottle to hold your paintballs. just do not squeeze tightly. and for holding them during a game? I guess not going to be shooting more than 200 paintballs as a game anyway … so just have in your hand or use charges and keep them in the side pockets. not the front regular but will make its way when you're running. really would be easier to buy a little harness and scabbard as all but $ 6.; I9Z9LqRuKz99e-HUyK69hq6na7lYPZCyuHc sid = =? ProductID = yevAqArbXQgAAAELJiIVlAYg

PSP go soft carrying case unboxing

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