Carry Upright

Carry Upright
Hand luggage?

I am flying on Continental Airlines this weekend, and have never flown before … Am I allowed to have a small suitcase upright and a backpack as hand luggage? I know I can not weigh more than 40 pounds, but is that too much to bear out?

You want a 21 "or 22" roll-on bag that will go to the head. In addition, you allow other "personal bag". The backpack should be fine and fit under the seat. A tip is filled with light and open your suitcase and remove at least one computer. Be sure to observe the ban on liquids and store your stuff in grooming bag plastic and carry in your backpack for easy access. Try to pack things that mix and match and wear plan things more than once (except underwear)

Upright Cradle Carry

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