Carry Suiter

Carry Suiter
What color luggage to buy, Black or Blue?

I have almost no luggage, but we do have is a black Samsonite 40 years of age 22 "again without wheels. That fits airline carry on rules. Because I'm going to fly much in the coming years, including international travel in the 6 months …. I have to buy a handbag. I've narrowed it down to Black or navy / medium, called Patriot Blue Samsonite. Should I buy the Patriot Black or Blue? I am purchasing a Samsonite Aspire Lite 21 in Expandable Upright Suiter for total $ 79.99 including shipping today.

I like everything to match so I would say to BLACK. Timeless. While many are black is true, there will be a lot of blue. Do not worry about the baggage claim area – get the most you like.

Delsey All Around Departure

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