Carry Overnight

Carry Overnight
What should I pack for a school excursion at night?

We stayed in the lake district for the study of tourism. All we said was that we need to keep warm, and we have to carry two bags – a bag of days to carry everywhere and an overnight bag. But I have no idea what to wear?

I would like to have:-backpack for your backpack with clothing, water bottle, camera, anything you need …. balm lips, lotion. suitcase or "about 2 or 3 sweatshirts -2 t shirts -2 jeans jacket -toothbrush/paste makeup if u use it if necessary–pads/tampons pajamas sleeping bag / pillow if is necessary, extra socks and underwear, perfume if you want / sunglasses, cream, sorry if this is off I do not know what to do / or where you / .. fun and good luck, D

Warm weather overnight pack

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