Caribbean Joe

Caribbean Joe
Rap City, which was their favorite host?

This is a very sad weekend in hip-hop. I just saw the last episode of Rap City this weekend. I can not believe that was the former host everything on the show. Joe Clair had me rollin. Remember that day when he went home after school and watch Rap City. These were the good old days when I was young, I'm an older child, but some days … Sorry, let me stick to the subject. I'm an old head so that, watched religiously when grown from 1989-1999. Slowly she stopped looking after Big Tigger because of work. I want to know who your favorite host top to bottom was? My favorite was host Big Lez, and had only one thing for it is. That was the host of a show I liked was even better. Apart Rachel from Caribbean rhythms that he was the sexiest. Big Lez's mayor (I bet half of yolas not know who Big Lez Mayor Joe Clair Prince Dejour Big Tigger

My favorite is Chris Thomas … Mayor. It was funny as hell, especially during the PE when they were big. Yes ….. Rap City will be missed.

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