Car Truck

Car Truck
is a powerful electric truck made American or even car there?

I was curious if there is an electric car or a truck is powerful, but not too expensive? There is also a way to convert a car or truck from an electric vehicle?

Not cheap, but the most Phoenixmotors is promising a 10 minutes quick charge, potential of 200 miles per charge, 5 seater SUV or SUT. No idea on the cost / availability cos Im in the UK and kill one of those, but check out the website. Apart from that search 'Spyder' and conversion of old-Porsche model of a company in California, whose name I forget. No doubt you already know about Teslamotors, but like most cannot afford to join the waiting list. In the UK the first decent car electrical specifications around the corner (Arent always) are the smart EV and the new Th! NK city. But Smart are making "test only" companies which means they're afraid to threaten their own car maintenance utilities (petrol and oil subsidies likely), while Th! nk sounds promising, because only make EVs, but they were planning to 'lease' the battery last I heard, suggesting that they still want to "hook" the consumer to the car energy source needs to function. If the! NK Ju Battery can be bought along with the car with say a 3-mile warranty then that is year/30k the best bet buyers in the UK in 2008.

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