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Car Top

Speakers The basic components of a car stereo system are of high quality tuner AM / FM, CD player, amplifier (optional but recommended) and large.

Rule: No sound of cars can equal the performance of the home team well. The car compartment is small and beset with engine noise traffic and surrounded by electrical signals from the competition. And all in a mobile environment. A wave of technical and personal choices dictate the final package.

General guidelines: Shop around. The car audio components have been discounted. Check mail-order houses and the Internet for the best buy.

Essential: Dealing with companies renowned brand name and buy. Make sure you can exchange or return if the components be incompatible or do not fit in the car. Remember that each unit should be installed and may require custom mounting accessories. Consider your personal taste. Rock and country music lovers usually prefer stronger low ranges. Music Classic requires good midrange and treble.

How to allocate your expenses: 40% to 50% of tuner / tape player, 25% to 30% for the amplifier, the 25% to 30% for the speakers (unlike home gear, for which half of the costs can be recommended to the speakers only).

General recommendations: The components are much better than the original equipment manufacturer installed sound. Good manufacturers gear installed can cost $ 1,000, a price that will bring much better sound if it spends in the components. Try to find a dealer that has created a sound room to listen and compare different systems.

A new strategy for buyer cars: buyers to purchase the components of planning should insist on a clause delete option, eliminating the cost of radio installed.

In the low compared board components on the board. Sub-board components are easy to install.

Main disadvantage: A thief can slip out the sub-Dash Gear as easily as an ashtray. Find the dash tuner / CD player unless you want to keep the components in the trunk every time you leave the car. (If you still prefer a system under the dash Sony components are top-notch).

Amplifiers: Most self-sound of benefit packages amplifiers to strengthen the low and high tones.

Problems: The amplifiers are bulky and often must be installed on a seat or trunk. Unless the tuner has a bypass circuit that allows you to connect to the pre-amplifier, amplifier expensive only boost the output distorted the amplifier.

Buying smart: Look for amplifiers of measuring power in watts (W) per channel in terms of harmonic distortion total (THD). Objective: About five watts per channel at 1% distortion or less. To achieve this, the amplifier may require 50 watts per channel, because few operate efficiencies of 10% in a car.

Bi-amp: It increases the power supply separate bass and treble. Bi-amplification may be called for when are installed separately and under acute speakers.

Speakers: Speakers must be compatible with amplifiers. Its power capacity should be slightly higher than the amplifier. Example: Get 60w speakers 50W / ch amplifier. A sure way speaker / amplifier compatibility is to purchase as a package.

Stereo sound requires at least two speakers. Many enthusiasts choose four. Those who do not speak under directional are best placed in the factory cuts the rear window shelf. Placement Next best: In the rear doors. Tweeters can be mounted front door panel or under dash.

Installation: Unless you are highly skilled electronics hobbyist, have the auto-sound system professionally installed. Allow $ 150 to $ 200 for installation, and obtain assurance from welcomed the agreement.

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