Car Suv

Car Suv

An important part of the suspension system of your car is your kneecaps. Made of extra tough steel, ball joints act as the pivot point between two parties: the suspension and car tires. This part to help sustain the weight of your car and, as is the case with some vehicles, which can be used to help establish the lineup. Let a look at this key component of your car's suspension system.

Locked in a steel frame, the joints are used in front of almost all cars, trucks, SUVs and minivans. As expected, this important component is subject to a lot of wear, so to properly protect them lie closed in a rush to keep dirt out of the joint assembly.

There are two types of systems that use of suspension ball joints. The first is a conventional system that uses an upper and lower joint. The second is called a MacPherson strut system that uses less than one joint and an upper strut bearing. No upper joint is necessary because the upper strut bearing does the job instead.

The maintenance of this component has changed over the years for most cars. Many vehicles come equipped with joints that are permanently lubricated, so that lubrication is not necessary even is possible because the package containing the permanently sealed lubrication. When carrying out or damaged, you can find replacement parts that come with accessories lubrication, in this case would be necessary to lubricate the new units on a regular basis, like when you change the oil in your vehicle.

When performs an inspection of his suspension, his ball joints must be watching too. They have a wheel alignment done and ensure that they are not used. If spend and do not change soon experience uneven tire wear or unreliability of government, such as wandering. Clearly, the parties conducted a security are that must be addressed immediately and fixed.

These parties have been developed for the specific make / model of your vehicle. Many models share the same system suspension, like other models of the brand, but be sure to check your vehicle's repair manual for the right spare parts. Some manufacturers, as Moog, development of parts for many makes / models and can be used by mechanics who prefer this particular product. Check online for more information Moog information about the parties and are suitable for your car.

Remember: the ball joints are an important part of your suspension system vehicle. Annual checkups can prevent costly suspension problems can also affect your safety.

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