Caffe Latte

Caffe Latte
What would normally order from Starbucks?

Also, Have you tried any of these drinks, if so which one and tell me if it's good thanks:) Peppermint mocha twist. espresso truffle, hazelnut latte skinny. signature hazelnut hot chocolate. latte vanilla ice cream. coffee truffle espresso over ice. iced coffee. bisque signature hot chocolate. Thank you. Oh & Do you like iced coffee from Starbucks? is the thanks coffee While Starbucks milk? a lot:)

I love Starbucks FRAP I love the white mocha and caramel macchiato. Ive tried the peppermint mocha and its very well not get the coffee vanilla ice cream with milk or coffee with hot milk chocolate ice cream is not very serious. All are not good. And I have not tested the rest.

How to Make a Caffe Latte : Steaming Milk to Make a Caffe Latte

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