Cabin Trolley

Cabin Trolley
cabin crew do not bother when tightening beyond their food shopping carts in the hall.?

Often I go to the bathroom during flights after a meal. and I always find the crew cabin with its great bulk food shopping carts blocking the aisle, as yet are serving the people. and to let me go, they have to stop serving, and push the heavy cart or adjust to the edge in order to make some space. and when pinch I have to fight through, although I'm not so fat. I wonder if the cabin crew bother when passengers have to go down the aisle with your shopping food? or maybe the passenger sitting next to his car, and sometimes I rub against them? (which is sometimes unavoidable due to the small difference to me pass through) I sometimes feel guilty, but then again I just need to pee.

I guess I would be offended, but can not say anything. You can not wait another 10 minutes toilet? You do not have the time to pass the food, even in an airplane. I usually just look down to see the island if there is something in the way and if not then I go. But if there's a food cart on the road, which just wait until it goes to my seat and head back to the bathroom.

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