Buffet Coupons

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Buffet Coupons

In this day and age of personal responsibility and take charge of obesity, people want to know if there are any McDonald's healthy options. We've heard nothing, but the horrible things About McDonald's in the press recently, with documentaries like "Supersize Me," but the fact is that there is a McDonald's in every corner of America and sometimes has to go through. But when we do, what options can do to limit the damage to our diet?

McDonald's has been pushing the fact that they offer more food options in recent days. They even had an advertising campaign where a group of mothers on quality heavy food of McDonald's. Yes, there are more options that used to be. But the size of other things like French fries and soft drinks are also much greater it used to be too, so you have to be careful. Fortunately, they offer many options to adjust the size of the food for their needs more closely.

One option would be Caesar salad with grilled chicken, low fat balsamic vinaigrette, Fruit 'n Yogurt Parfait and half iced tea 420 calories. But what if you have to have a hamburger. Yes, it is still possible. Check out these food choices.

Apple Dippers with Low Fat Caramel Dip
Soda, small
400 Calories

Small French Fries
Soda, small
Calories 630

Snack Size Fruit & Walnut
With 1% fat milk white Jug (8 fl oz)
570 calories

I personally would rather eat my calories than drink, so I would choose its Dasani bottled water and spend those calories elsewhere. Also, you can request that no salt French fries and pass the ketchup (sugar).

So with a little planning and knowledge, you can choose healthy choices at McDonald's and fast food is no longer an excuse for being overweight in the future.

STEP 1) Know that you can make good choices almost anywhere.

STEP 2) Now that you have learned of some healthy McDonald’s choices,

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