Buffalo Leather

Buffalo Leather
Does anyone know about Antique Sikes chairs?

I just saw some at a garage sale and I am planning to go back and buy them. Furniture not describe very good seats, but they were very supportive of wood and had a label that says No. 960 and also said Sikes Chairs Buffalo NY The chair seat is basically a seat rectangular timber, but within the borders that had a circle of leather for the insertion of a seat. I tried searching but can not find any with that number. . . 960. I'm beginning to think that may be rare and any help would be appreciated. Where else can I look, or maybe somewhere to call?

Earnest – I googled Sikes Chairs Buffalo, New York and came with a lot of hits. Lots Try This http://sikes-sykesfamilies.rootsweb.com/ss-15.html links! HTH!

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