Bradley Small

Bradley Small
Is the Vera Bradley "Vera" tote bag good?

I'm in high school, and going back to school in a few days. I'm tired of my backpack makes me feel claustrophobic in small classrooms, so I'm thinking about buying a Vera Bradley handbag in the style of "Vera". Is this a good quality bag? And it is big enough / small enough for high school student?

The Vera tote is a large bag. Falls only it is that it underwear. Pens shoot So what it means to take care that might come open ink leaks inside your bag and be careful to put some liquid (water bag, for example) in it. The other disadvantage is that it is not really designed to contain multiple text books (which will weigh too below), but it's okay to use for a folder, textbook, etc. The size of it should be fine for you though.

Peter Bradley Adams & Claire Small: “I will come”

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