Bradley Limited

Bradley Limited
How can I get from Logan Airport in Boston to Hartford, CT, November 25?

I am visiting friends for Thanksgiving from United Kingdom. I booked my flight. Lands on November 25 at approximately 1pm. Now we have to approach them in Hartford, but have only Amtrak trains departing before he could reach the station. What other ways can you go? Are there any available? Peter Pan bus said to have very limited availability that day. Is there a shared shuttle / taxi services, which may go to Bradley Airport in Hartford? I have about $ 150 to spend. Please help. I will not be abandoned.

If Peter Pan, said that they have very limited seating, then try Greyhound. My girlfriend goes to this route from South Station in Boston to Station Hartford Union every thanksgiving too. She always has, and usually if there are more people than seats, there will be a second bus load which is expressed in Hartford (instead of stopping at Worcester). Buy your ticket online now, buses are cheap and only 2 hours away. In terms of getting to Logan Station Midi, use the subway, blue line to red line.

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