Book Bag

Book Bag
What are some tips to make a paper bag report book?

I'm doing a report document from the book bag at school and I have some problems with it. What are some tips to help me?

Paper Bag Book Report 1. On one side of a paper bag, draw a Color scene of the book. Also included: a. The title of the book B. The C. Author Your name 2. In the back of the bag to write a. Personality-Includes all the characters main b. Secondary characters-other characters that may have been in history, but they were not main characters. c. Include Creating places and periods of time in its history took PLAE. D. Conflict-Include the main problem within the story. E. Resolution-To include the end of the story. 3. Inside the bag place at least six objects representing the important events that happened in the book. You could also place objects that show aspects of the main characters' personalities. You can take just a photo and put it in the bag. 4. You will be asked to tell the class about his book. You can read directly from the bag, as long as eye contact with the class. Also obliged to tell the class about each item in your bag and why he chose this subject. It will give you points for strength and clarity when hope presentin this helps

Missa by Design: DIY 5 (Oversized Book Bag) PART 1

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