Blue Red

Blue Red

There are many shades of red, it's hard to know what makes you look your best! From soft red red right pinky through Deep Purple-red. Each shade may look better or worse in different people according to their hair and eye color and skin tone. Sounds like a minefield, but once you get acquainted with the system Munsell Color Analysis, its wind.

The Munsell system is used by almost anyone who is involved with color: paint manufacturers, hairdressers, image consultants Color Me Beautiful. The Munsell system identifies the color in terms of three features, color (hue, either blue or yellow), value (color depth from very pale to very dark) and chroma (clear, very clear and bright to very dull and off). A color analysis will make most women and men in one of six "dominant" groups. These groups are "light", "deep", "warm", "cool", "clear" and "soft". Sometimes, not always obvious that a group of individual adjustment, but overall, the dominant characteristics of each group are:

Light: blond or light hair, blue eyes pale, gray or green, eyebrows, pale skin and delicate. Claudia Schiffer is a perfect example. The best red for this group would a pale red or light, nothing dark or bright.

Depth: dark brown or black hair, dark eyes, dark eyebrows, from porcelain to black skin. Catherine Zita-Jones is a good example. The best red for this group is dark and strong.

Red hot: hair colors, green, brown or blue eyes, eyebrows, bright colors, gold skin. The Duchess of York is a beautiful example of a warm atmosphere. The best red for this group is an orange-red with yellowish tinge.

Cool blond hair ash or gray, gray, blue, green or brown eyes, blond eyebrows a dark background, pink or blue skin. Judi Dench is a perfect Cool. The best red for this group is a purple / red-blue with a blue tone.

Light: dark hair, strikingly blue eyes or topaz, dark eyebrows and pale to dark Skintone. Courtney Cox is an excellent a clear example. The best red for this group is a clear bright red pillar box.

Soft: dark blond or brown hair, soft-colored eyes, blue, green or light brown to dark eyebrows and little contrast between hair and eye color. Kylie Minogue is an impressive example of a soft. The best red for this group is dull red smooth as a burgundy red or raspberry red.

To sum up the mirror, look with the shades of color you use. I've just been talking about red, but of course this applies to all colors as well. Use the right tone of red right can make a difference in the appearance of a person. Doing things right can make you look younger, healthier and more attractive. If you have a good image of yourself, you will feel more confident in everything you do.

Joanna Steele-Perkins is a senior image consultant with Colour Me Beautiful image consultants.

Based in Taunton, Somerset, she is a regular contributor to magazines and newspapers. She offers advice on all aspects of personal image and her services include colour analysis, style consultations, make-up lessons and bridal advice.

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